Leave Megyn Kelly alone over her Alex Jones interview

Has there ever been a dumber media controversy than the one surrounding Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones?

Well, yes, probably. But on the merits, this one ranks pretty high up there.

On her upcoming Sunday night show on NBC, Kelly is set to air an interview with Jones, a conspiracy theorist. Jones has claimed that Sept. 11 is an inside job, that the Sandy Hook massacre could have been a hoax, and that the government is making kids gay by putting chemicals in juice boxes, among other theories that make him sound nuttier than your average mental ward patient.

But journalists don’t only interview saints and the mentally-sound. According to an interview I conducted with Trump confidante Roger Stone on my podcast, Jones has talked to the president on the phone at least three times since his inauguration. That alone makes Jones a relevant interview, no matter his views, no matter his morals.

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