The Tories' implosion jeopardizes Brexit

Brexit is in serious jeopardy. One talking point going into the last month was that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour had been wise to simply accept Brexit as a political reality. That’s true. In fact, by doing so they took Brexit off the table in the election. This allowed UKIP members to come back to Labour. But almost immediately you could feel the anti-Brexit establishment in both parties and the media finding a new argument. It goes like this: Even though both major parties accept and support Brexit and the anti-Brexit party was utterly wiped out, look, Jeremy Corbyn’s surprise result was powered by young people who were angry about Brexit!

The turmoil that is about to consume the Tories as they go into negotiations makes it more likely that they will bungle them and give Remainers more leverage to halt Brexit.

The momentum in politics isn’t just with populism, it’s with regime change. The establishment political and media class is creating monsters that threaten to devour it. The establishment says you can’t vote to break up the 300-year union of Scotland and England. Well they almost did. And you can’t vote for Brexit. Well that just happened. You can’t possibly vote for Donald Trump. Oh yeah? The Republicans and the Socialists will dominate France forever. Well, maybe this time neither will make it to the second round. You can’t possibly support this tweedy English Marxist. Well, they’ll show you.

The West is fundamentally bored and hopeless about the future. People want to do what they are told they cannot do. That means Trump, Brexit, Corbyn . . . anything that looks like a real choice, and the only real choices are the ones that earn the sniffing disapproval of the establishment.

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