Inside the chaotic battle to be the top reply to a Trump tweet

Adam Best is always ready for a new tweet from President Trump. The Austin-based entrepreneur — and founder of the site Fansided —has set his phone is set to notify him the second the President hits “send”; since it’s his only Twitter notification, he rarely misses it.

“There’ve been times I’ve been in bed and I’ll hear the alert and roll out of bed and start firing back,” Best told BuzzFeed News. Sometimes he’ll mock up a series of tweets on a subject in advance — say, the congressional investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia — so he can copy them into an instant tweetstorm. For Best, a self-identified member of the anti-Trump #resistance, it’s a form of catharsis and a chance to “fight back” during what he calls a “particularly depressing time” in politics.

“Trump’s very predictable so sometimes it’s just like ‘BOOM!’ Two minutes after the Trump’s tweet I have a seven-part response that’s topical and engaging.”

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