Women shape 2020 Democratic field

It’s not an academic question. Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Kamala Harris of California and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota are all drawing mention as top-of-the-ticket prospects and settling into distinctive lanes ahead of a primary that will begin in earnest in two years.

With so many top-tier women in the mix, operatives are already mapping out what a post-Clinton run looks like, how to navigate in such a historic field and how to position against a candidate like Donald Trump.

“You can’t overstate it,” said Democratic strategist Marcy Stech. “There’s no playbook for this.”

With many Democrats speculating about the effect that misogyny had on the result, party leaders are trying to better understand the politics of nominating another woman.

“I do think it played a role,” Clinton told CNN last month.

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