Hannity is not being targeted because he's a conservative

O’Reilly gave up conservatism a long time ago, if he ever was really a conservative. He’s gone because the heat was on advertisers for his alleged improprieties with women, not because of his political opinions. And most media buyers for advertisers are women.

Hannity is not being targeted because he’s a conservative. He’s being targeted because he’s a conservative who embarrassed his company pursuing a phony conspiracy theory, over a grieving family’s public wishes, which forced his parent company to retract its own coverage.

Tucker Carlson right now is to the right of where O’Reilly was when he was let go, so why isn’t he being actively targeted? Because he’s not done anything stupid from a personal character standpoint to expose himself, that’s why…

My boss at CRTV, Mark Levin, might even be to the right of me on some things. And he’s certainly the most fiery broadcaster of any I’ve mentioned. Why haven’t they taken him out? Because he hasn’t showed his arse to give them a target.

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