What Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue about his son didn’t mention

Tuesday night, I waded into dangerous waters when I dared to criticize Jimmy Kimmel’s comments about health care on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. It is sometimes difficult to fully express nuanced opinions on TV—especially when it’s three-to-one and you’re being interrupted—so I wanted to elaborate here.

As a father, I have the utmost compassion for what Kimmel is going through. I’m also pro-life, which means I’m for protecting the little guy. And I want nothing but the best for Kimmel’s son (or anyone else’s children, for that matter). I just wish he hadn’t chosen to use this painful personal experience to make a political point.

We are in the midst of a serious public policy debate over the future of health care. That debate should be decided using facts and logic―not on the anecdotal experience of one wealthy Hollywood comedian who endured a very difficult circumstance while Congress was wrestling to fix our flawed health care system.

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