Poll: 63% of men think women mainly wear makeup to trick people into thinking they're attractive

Makeup shamers, as beauty guru NikkieTutorials recently explained in a YouTube video, are those who try to make others feel guilty or inferior for enjoying cosmetics – they believe women wear makeup because they are too insecure not to or are just thirsty for the male gaze.

New YouGov data suggests that makeup shaming may be just as prevalent as NikkieTutorials reports. The majority of US adults (55%) feel that women mainly wear makeup in order to trick people into thinking they’re more attractive – specifically, 63% of men feel this way. Similarly, 43% of Americans agree that women wear too much makeup.

In contrast, despite internet claims that beards may act similarly to makeup, only a third of individuals (36%) think that men mainly grow beards in order to hide facial imperfections likes acne or a weak chin.

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