Soon you’ll be able to go to work in a flying taxi

It may sound like an episode of “The Jetsons,” but electric air taxis are a form of transportation that is coming to Dubai in just a few months. And investors hope American cities aren’t much far behind.

Insiders call the new breed of flying machine “e-VTOLs,” (pronounced “EE-VEE- talls”), an acronym for “electric vertical take off and landing.”

Exotic prototypes are being designed, built and flight-tested by companies ranging from Airbus to startups bankrolled by tech billionaires such as Google co-founder Larry Page.

“Dozens of companies . . . are investing in e-VTOL aircraft,” observes advocate Mike Hirschberg, executive director of the American Helicopter Society International. “They are proving that not only is e-VTOL technology feasible, but it can make a compelling business.”