Why Michael Flynn may be seeking immunity

Flynn is only seeking immunity — as was reported on Thursday evening — because the Democrats and the media are whipping up a rigged witch hunt and Flynn can’t trust the process.

That spin runs contrary to the assumptions of many fervent opponents of the president. As readily as Trump, Flynn and his allies rushed to criticism when aides to Hillary Clinton sought immunity in the probe of her email server, Trump’s opponents seized on the suggestion of an immunity deal as evidence that Flynn necessarily had secrets to hide.

The truth is probably far more subtle than that, according to Todd Bussert, a federal criminal defense attorney in Connecticut who spoke with The Washington Post by phone Friday morning.

“It’s not unusual for anybody who’s the subject of a federal investigation to want immunity before speaking to federal authorities,” Bussert said. “Even if they’ve done nothing wrong, there’s this fear that something they say could be used against them.”