James Comey: FBI doesn’t play politics, doesn’t fear storms

James Comey isn’t sorry. In remarks to a defense and intel industry crowd in a windowless basement ballroom in an Alexandria hotel, the FBI director made a rousing defense of the way he handled the scandals that dominated the last presidential election.

After giving a brief speech, Comey took questions from former National Counterterrorism Center director Michael Leiter about the FBI investigations related to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“The last year—it’s almost a year now—has been both difficult, and easier than you might think,” Comey began. “And I’ll tell you, I’ve never been prouder of the FBI. What makes it easy is, we’re not on anybody’s side, ever. We’re not considering whose ox will be gored by this action or that action, whose fortunes will be helped by this or that. We just don’t care. And we can’t care.”