Is TrumpCare already here?

The Trump administration has already begun to transform the health insurance market, wielding executive power to rewrite coverage rules, slash Obamacare’s marketing budget and signal an all-out assault on his predecessor’s health care law. And Republicans have high expectations the administration will take additional measures to unwind Obamacare, such as targeting its contraception coverage requirement at the center of two recent religious liberty cases at the Supreme Court.

The new administration began reshaping Obamacare the very day President Donald Trump took office, issuing a symbolic executive order that made clear he was intent on weakening the Affordable Care Act and its individual mandate just hours after taking office.

And ever since, his administration has been taking steps that Democrats and advocates of the law say have begun to undermine and transform the law.

HHS Secretary Tom Price has made it crystal clear that his department will keep using its regulatory powers to further scale back what he regards as a failed and intrusive legislation.