Source for Napolitano’s British wiretapping claim: He "didn’t get it right"

Johnson said two sources told him that the British intelligence agency GHCQ had been passing information through back channels about the intelligence community’s meddling in U.S. politics, even before Thursday’s press briefing. That was when Spicer cited allegations Napolitano made — apparently fueled partially by Johnson — earlier in the week on Fox News that the GHCQ had spied on Trump.

“Now, I had known about the fact that the British through GHCQ were passing information back-channel. This was not done at the direction of Barack Obama. Let’s be clear about that. It was being done with the full knowledge of people like John Brennan and Jim Clapper,” Johnson said Sunday.

Johnson said Napolitano used information that he posted in an online discussion board, and falsely said British intelligence wiretapped Trump Tower.

“I’m not saying the British GHCQ was wiretapping Trump’s Tower. … [Napolitano] shouldn’t have used the word wiretap. I call it an ‘information operation’ that’s been directed against President Trump and people like John Brennan,” Johnson said.