Vladimir Putin occupies Russians’ dreams, web search engine says

It released a survey, based on six months’ worth of such queries, revealed the five most common subjects of Russian dreams were “fish,” “child,” “snake” and “dying” — the last followed immediately by “living.”

Ex-partners, teeth, houses, water and pregnancies also made it to the top 20.

Putin was the only individual named in Yandex dream searches. Dreams about him were most common among users in Chechnya, the region that has survived two wars in as many decades eventually ended with Putin government’s heavy-handed approach.

Dreams also varied greatly between regions in Russia, the most expansive country in the world. While Russians in the sparsely-populated far east had dreams involving bears, tigers and tics, those in Moscow said they see the city’s subway system while snoozing. (The city of 12 million has 206 metro stations.)