Health care bill: Ryan counting votes as Republicans lobby for changes

One change that House leaders are considering is adding a work requirement for able-bodied adults who receive Medicaid. The change may appease some conservatives without alienating moderates that leadership needs to hold on to.

One Republican member with direct knowledge of the negotiations said that there is no “arm twisting ” at this point and no decisions have been made yet on how to amend the bill to get it passed on the House floor.

“Anytime you have a large bill like this, it’s a balancing act. I think all sides are going to try to get their issues addressed. I don’t think it’s leaning one way or another,” the Republican said.

The member cited specific concerns they have heard in whip meetings including moving up the Medicaid expansion expiration date, making tax credits more generous based on income level for older Americans as well as adding a work requirement.

But the member noted that there are some members who may never get to yes and whips are taking that into consideration.

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