Poll: Plurality at least somewhat approve of GOP health-care bill but dislike version of mandate

The poll finds nearly two-thirds of voters (64 percent) don’t think the bill should include a provision making adults pay a 30 percent higher premium if they postpone buying health insurance for more than two months. Only 18 percent of voters support that measure, while the same number had no opinion or didn’t know.

The provision is the most disliked among the individual aspects of the bill included in the poll. Nearly half (46 percent) of voters responded that they somewhat or strongly approve of the bill in general, while 35 percent said they somewhat or strongly disapprove of the measure, dubbed the American Health Care Plan…

Another major difference from the ACA is the Republican proposal to replace income-based subsidies with age-based tax credits. Here, voters are more divided, with 39 percent thinking it should be included and 34 percent disagreeing.