Trump never needed a Trump TV -- he’s got the Fox Business Network

The network has cemented itself as a reliable defender of Trump’s overall agenda and a ’round-the-clock foe of the bogeymen that also plague the collective consciousness of its big sister’s prime-time lineup: P.C. culture, “far-left” academics and protesters, the liberal media, Black Lives Matter activists, “snowflake” millennials, and all things Democratic Party.

In effect, the network ditched straight-up business news for a model similar to Fox News: politics (and, yes, business) with a distinctly right-wing voice.

“They’ve been having an incredibly good run,” a Fox Business insider, who requested anonymity, told The Daily Beast. And it’s because “FBN took a Fox News II approach” while CNBC has been noticeably “complacent” with losing its grip on the ratings.

A former Fox executive, similarly requesting anonymity, added: “They beat CNBC, sure, but they aren’t really competing with the business networks anymore. There are times where they’re more Fox-like than even Fox News.”

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