C'mon, Obama: It's time to start firing back

Eventually, Obama will have to enter the political fray to refute Trump’s accusations and defend the Affordable Care Act. Liberals—and especially African Americans—cannot wait for this happen. Frankly, the sooner the better, and here are a couple of things that I would like to see.

Regarding Trump, Obama can play a vital yet objective role in the Russia investigations. We already know that he has seen classified information regarding Trump’s connections to Russia, so when pressed he should recommend an independent, nonpartisan investigation. Remember that in its waning days, the Obama administration sought to preserve intelligence related to Russian election hacking.

And of course, when Obama publicly comments on this topic, Trump will blow a gasket. He will drop a rabid, mania-induced, grammatically incorrect, and possibly incriminating Twitter tirade unlike anything the world has ever seen. And when he does so, Obama should refrain from commenting, which will probably drive Trump even crazier.

When he isn’t encumbered by Trump tweets and the dangerous farce that is his presidency, Obama should focus on grassroots civic engagement and speaking up for the minorities who feel shunned and unrepresented under Trump. This will be community organizing, but on a national scale, and now Obama can tell everyone that he has returned to his old job.

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