Poll: Trump's job approval net positive at 47/44

The survey, taken Wednesday through Sunday, shows Trump getting little bounce from his well-received address to Congress last week or from a brightening view of the country’s direction. Instead, 47% approve of the job he’s doing and 44% disapprove, a bit better than some other recent polls but a poor rating by historic standards. He is the first president in modern times not to score majority approval at this early point in his tenure.

By 2-1, those surveyed disapprove of Trump’s temperament, a much more negative rating than he gets for his policy positions. Six in 10, including 40% of Republicans, complain that he tweets too much.

The findings reinforce the exasperation among Trump allies in Congress and elsewhere that the president’s own actions are complicating and undermining his potential standing, and in the process weakening his political clout and ability to get things done.

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