How "A Day Without a Woman" could backfire

Third, what political remedy are they seeking? No specific requests are apparent. All the organizing material is bathed in vague blather about raising awareness without asking for any specific reforms. Unlike this month’s “Bodega strike,” in which immigrant businesses closed their doors in objection to Trump’s travel ban, or #GrabYourWallet, which seeks to protest the Trump family’s conflicts of interest, or even January’s “Women’s March on Washington,” which was at least reacting to President Donald Trump’s inauguration and history of sexist comments, “A Day Without A Woman” is a protest without a point. If women are going to put thousands of children out of school and consider grinding the American economy to a halt, they at least ought to have a good, clear reason to do so.

In fact,all Wednesday’s meaningless demonstration does is hand the Republican Party a wide-open opportunity to dismiss it as a hysterical hissy fit, staged by left-wing activists still mourning Hillary Clinton’s loss. While the strike may make progressives feel better about themselves, it will not have that effect on everyone. Many GOP voters will tell you they felt compelled to support Trump precisely because of the increasingly aggressive protest tactics exhibited by the left during the campaign. There’s a reason why Trump called out protesters and made a big show of escorting them out of his rallies. It wasn’t just because his law-and-order-loving base loved watching demonstrators get hauled out of stadiums all over America. Those on the fence about Trump were watching as well.

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