Do Republicans and libertarians need their own Guardian Angels?

In town halls across the country, Republicans are facing hostile crowds where people can often get out of hand. And face it, we all know that in some cases, no one really cares if those of us on the right side of the aisle get hurt: angry, violent leftists see it as our “just deserts.” They think there are no consequences for their actions because the media and the academic world rarely holds them accountable. With this attitude, how soon until this violence against those on the right escalates?

It may be that those on the Right need a large group of Guardian Angels to be present when they speak, or are in settings where there is a likelihood of violence. It may be that this show of solidarity is all that is needed, hopefully the Guardian Angels won’t be needed at all. But what do we do when no one else is willing to protect the people who stand for us or for those of us who want to speak out but are shut down or worse?

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