The whole Jeff Sessions story is rooted in fake news

Democrats say Sessions lied under oath, even though Sessions has been consistent in saying he did not discuss the presidential election with the Russian ambassador but met with numerous ambassadors in his capacity as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee.

Democrats are pointing to a question asked by Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.) during a confirmation hearing on Jan. 10. The question was based on a CNN report that relied on a fake dossier alleging that Russians had compromising information on President Donald Trump. The dossier was then published by BuzzFeed and was riddled with errors, including getting basic facts about Russia wrong.

The dossier was unverified and has since been largely discredited. BuzzFeed is now being sued for defamation for publishing the name of a tech mogul company the dossier claimed was involved in hacking the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton aides during the election.

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