Trump gets ready for his biggest sell yet

After months of pundit hand-wringing about whether to take Trump at his often outrageous and outspoken word — whether to take him “literally” or “seriously” — the White House is coming down firmly on the side of both. And with Trump’s first prime-time address Tuesday to the nation and Congress, they hope to reframe Trump’s turbulent first 40 days neatly into the context of promises made, promises kept.

“The era of empty talk is over. It’s over,” Trump said at CPAC, testing out some potential themes of the congressional speech. “Now is the time for action.”…

Trump’s team is keenly aware that the president was lifted into office by a wave of voters disillusioned by a political system that they believe had failed them. They want to be seen as delivering for those voters — and fast.

“How unacceptably jaded have we become by our politicians that people are shocked when one of them actually does what he said he would do?” Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted last week.