Poll: The public wants ObamaCare minus the individual mandate

When the public is asked about what should be in any replacement health care plan, majorities would like to see many of the same provisions the Affordable Care Act itself required. Eight in ten want government subsidies for those earning between $22,000 and $44,000 a year (this year Obamacare provides subsidies to those with even higher incomes). The same percentage believes there should be a minimum package of benefits. More than seven in ten support having any new plan cover children up to the age of 26, as Obamacare does, and oppose charging more to those in poor health or capping lifetime benefits. Nearly two in three would even support an employer mandate.

While six in ten favor providing tax credits instead of subsidies to help individuals buy health insurance, support for that proposal is strongest among Republicans. Half of Democrats would oppose that change.

The only item from the Obamacare requirements asked about in this poll that most reject is the individual mandate. Two-thirds of the public want to eliminate that part of the ACA.

On nearly all of these proposals, Trump voters and Republicans agree with the overall public. However, those groups give significantly less support to requiring an employer mandate, and more support to cutbacks in federal government Medicaid payments to states.