Spoiler alert: Nearly half of Netflix watchers "cheat" on their significant other in watching shows

The reason why is both unsatisfying as it is predictable: A lack of self-control. Nearly 70% said they just needed to see what happens next.

Tisk tisk.

But there’s good news, the U.S. ranks fifth on the cheating list, falling far behind Mexico and Brazil, where nearly 60% of people admit to cheating. Europe, it appears, is where you’ll find binge-watching honesty. The most faithful countries were the Netherlands, Poland and Germany.

Cheat-watching is an out-of-control phenomenon, increasing three-fold since 2013. The cheaters aren’t even bashful anymore. Nearly half of them admit to multiple offenses and 63% said they’d do it more if they could get off scot-free. Only a third keep their cheating a secret.

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