The Democratic Party has lost its mind -- and its soul

In any case, the responsibility of leadership eludes him. Democrats created their own problems by blindly agreeing to all of Barack Obama’s ultra-liberal policies, and the fed-up response of Republican voters was to nominate Trump.

In their response, Hillary Clinton and her team poured acid on Trump and his followers, thinking they could make him so toxic that he would be disqualified. They were wrong.

Yet even now, they apparently have no idea why they failed because they are following the same script again. They continue to denounce Trump in the most hyperbolic terms, declare his nominees unfit and dangerous — and expect a different outcome.

They shouldn’t hold their breath. Trump has made rookie errors, but his resolve in picking DeVos and sticking with her proves he is deadly serious about fixing what’s broken in American education.

What, pray tell, are Democrats serious about?

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