Poll: Republicans are very happy with President Trump

For the most part, Republicans are sticking with the President most of them voted for: 83% approve of the way he is handling his job. Democrats and Independents give Trump a negative job assessment, making the overall Trump performance evaluation one of more disapproval than approval. Overall, 48% of Americans disapprove.

It is important to note that while his overall job rating is negative, the President receives overall positive marks in two key areas — his handling of the economy and his handling of terrorism (both seen as very important issues). 43% approve of his handling of the economy, and 32% disapprove. On terrorism, the poll shows 42% approving and 37% disapproving. However, just about a quarter have no opinion about President Trump’s performance in each area.

Republicans have been more concerned about terrorism, and express much more support than other groups for President Trump’s executive orders reducing the number of refugees, banning refugees from Syria entirely, and setting up a 90-day ban on entry from seven specific countries. They are nearly twice as likely as Democrats to view each of the seven affected countries as enemies.

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