Andrew Cuomo, who told conservatives to self-deport, upset about potential deportations

As much as many of his fellow New Yorkers (including many of those who voted for him in 2014) would like to see Cuomo leave, he is not an immigrant any more than I am. He cannot be deported anywhere.

As he noted in his speech by omission, his father was also not an immigrant. Both were born in Queens. But there is a difference: Whereas Mario Cuomo’s last name probably caused him trouble in finding his first job, Andrew Cuomo’s last name is probably the only reason he’s governor of New York today.

But of course, that’s a minor point. The bigger point is that in January 2014, Cuomo told a local public radio show in New York City that people with certain views — including “right-to-life” and gun-rights conservatives — don’t even belong in his state. Here’s a version of it from YouTube that gives more than enough context to understand what he’s talking about…