Report: Trump's Supreme Court pick down to Gorsuch and Hardiman

Gorsuch has a slight edge — CBS News’ Jan Crawford reported that Gorsuch was the front-runner over the weekend.

But as Mr. Trump narrows the field, “many voices” are “making calls” on Hardiman’s behalf, and he cannot be ruled out, one source said. Hardiman has to be considered a serious contender, just on the heels of Gorsuch…

Republicans on Capitol Hill told Mr. Trump they’re wary of the blowback from Democrats if Pryor were to be his pick. But Pryor also was no favorite of the religious right. Because he is not a results-oriented judge, Pryor does not always reach a conservative outcome.

For example, he joined an appeals court opinion supporting transgender rights, consistent with Supreme Court precedent. And as state attorney general, Pryor sought to remove Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore from office after Moore refused a federal court order to remove a massive 10 Commandments rock from the state courthouse.