Mattis to NATO chief: Our commitment to NATO is "unshakeable"

Mattis — whose embrace of NATO differs from comments made by President Donald Trump — made his first official calls to Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg and to his counterparts from two key NATO allies, UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon and Canadian Minister of Defense Harjit Sajjan.

According to the Pentagon’s official readout, Mattis in his conversation with Fallon “emphasized the United States’ unshakeable commitment to NATO.”

And the official statement issued after the call with Stoltenberg acknowledged the symbolism of the communication, saying that Mattis “wanted to place the call on his first full day in office to reinforce the importance he places on the alliance.”

Stoltenberg referred to Mattis as “a strong friend of NATO at the Pentagon,” noting that the retired general had served as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation while still in uniform and because of that Mattis “knows the Alliance’s value well.”