Trump advisers spar over new nonprofit group

But while everyone present agreed the nonprofit would be vital to enact the president-elect’s political agenda, they disagreed on who exactly would control it, according to interviews with a half-dozen Trump advisers and transition officials, most of whom spoke anonymously to describe the internal dynamics.

Parscale is the only senior Trump aide who is definitely headed to the nonprofit. And four people familiar with the discussions about the group said that Parscale had been specifically empowered by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and one of his closest counselors, to take charge of the new organization.

At one point in Wednesday’s meeting, Parscale jumped in to say that “no disrespect” to the Mercers, as Rebekah sat only feet away, but that this group was about Trump and his movement — not them. Some took that as a slap at her efforts to raise big money for Trump.

“That got people’s attention,” said a second person with knowledge of the meeting. “The jousting was someone in the meeting trying to elevate themselves above the rest.”