"Embarrassing": Media rebukes reporters who attended Trump's off-the-record party for them

Although the photo is grainy at best, several journalists can be identified by the shot: Diamond, Terrance Dopp of Bloomberg News, Brian Kilmeade of Fox News, Ali Vitali and Hallie Jackson of MSNBC/NBC News, as well as Mike Allen.

But the photo is resulting in some backlash, with many quick to point out that Trump’s anti-press rhetoric over the last few weeks — actually, the whole last year — is not a flattering backdrop on which to take an ear-to-ear grinning photo. Earlier this month at the start of his so-called “Thank You” tour, Mr. President-elect slammed “the extremely dishonest media,” encouraging an Ohio crowd to join him in his criticism. Since his election, Trump’s transition team has gone as far as to limit media access, in a move that the White House Correspondents’ Association called “unacceptable.”