The many Democratic excuses for defeat

Democrats refuse to face the truth: They lost the presidency principally because voters demanded change. Mr. Trump promised it in abundance, while Mrs. Clinton represented the status quo. Her main selling point—her qualifications and experience—showed how out of touch with voters she was. If Mrs. Clinton had portrayed herself as an agent of change, she might have won the White House by keeping intact the “blue wall” of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The irony is that now Democrats, delusionally, are attacking Mr. Trump’s cabinet because the nominees advocate dramatic changes in the departments they’ve been selected to lead. Apparently Democrats believe that government agencies were created only to advance liberal policies, and that the November elections were a mandate for more of the same.

Until Democrats confront the true reasons for their loss—an unpopular leftward tilt, declining support among working-class voters, out-of-touch leaders, and a thin bench of rising stars—and adjust to the inconvenient reality, they will deserve to remain America’s minority party.