Feminists love to hate Melania Trump, and it's hurting their cause

The piece ends as spitefully as it began: “Perhaps Melania will emerge every so often onto the balcony of the White House to shower the peasants below with her own gold First Spouse coins. If she sees her shadow FLOTUS lurking around the corner, she will know it’s safe to retreat back to her tower for another six weeks of seclusion.”

Melania made something of herself, and that should be respected. Unfortunately, because her last name is Trump, she is a woman of little value to them, only to be derided and mocked for the fatal flaw of marrying a patriarchal sexist pig.

Before this screed, feminists and liberal women turned the other way when the New York Post plastered Melania’s nude modelling photos on its cover. They did not defend her for making choices about her body as she saw fit. They did not attack the New York Post for shaming a woman. They did nothing.