Jeff Sessions is wrong on marijuana policy

Conservatives are typically pleased with President-elect Trump’s selection of “law and order” Alabama senator Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General of the United States. I have worked with Senator Sessions often in the past and I have enjoyed it very much. He is one of the few senators who is serious about reducing our debt and the country’s fiscal imbalances. More importantly, in my opinion, he doesn’t just pay lip service to reducing overspending — he is always pushing to make it a priority for other Republicans as well.

However, I can’t help but being concerned about his nomination as AG. I know it will come as a surprise — when both sides in Washington are often more than happy to abuse the powers of the executive office and other levels of government to achieve their goals — but the law is supposed to protect our individual liberties, not stomp all over them. In that regard, I am worried about having Senator Sessions become the next chief law-enforcement officer of the United States. I say this in part because when it comes to marijuana policy, his views are quite outdated.