Senate Democrats signal Sessions is in for a fight

Senate Democrats are sending the strongest signal that they plan to put up a fight against Jeff Sessions’ nomination as the next attorney general, warning Republicans that the Alabama senator won’t have a quick and easy confirmation just because he’s a colleague.

In a new letter obtained by POLITICO, the eight Democrats who will sit on the Judiciary Committee next year give a glimpse of the strategy they’ll pursue when the powerful panel takes up Sessions’ nomination next year. They are pushing for extensive confirmation hearings, giving senators ample time to thoroughly question Sessions, his views and how he’ll run the Justice Department.

Because Sessions has a hefty legislative history in numerous policy areas, Democrats are also pressing Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) for outside witnesses to testify on the Alabama senator’s track record on immigration, domestic violence, civil rights, voting rights, government oversight and several other issues in the purview of the Justice Department.

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