The real winner of the "Hamilton" scrap

Think about it. Trump could not have chosen a more perfect cultural foil than “Hamilton” if he’d designed the show himself. The show has — somewhat paradoxically — become an unwitting symbol of out-of-touch, cosmopolitan liberal elites.

Tickets to the smash hit can fetch thousands of dollars, making them inaccessible to all but the reasonably wealthy. The show is fawned upon by effete elites such as myself. Some joked that there was a quota for “Hamilton” coverage at the New York Times (my former employer, where, among other things, I wrote theater reviews).

Most important, at least to Trump’s base, “Hamilton” has Hispanics literally taking the jobs of old white men.

That is, the show chooses to cast people of color to play nearly every Founding Father (and Mother). It also employs the musical idiom of some these marginalized groups — hip-hop — in its storytelling.