These Michigan voters said they didn't love Trump. But they hated Clinton.

At this polling place in Warren, I got a taste of why. And it wasn’t exactly what I would have expected, based on the Trump rallies I attended during the campaign. By and large, the Trump voters I met weren’t gushing with enthusiasm for him. They recognized he was flawed, and maybe even lacked some important qualifications for president.

But they all hated Hillary Clinton. They used that very word ― “hate.” And they thought Trump might shake up the political system, which they figured had to be an improvement.

“I hate her ― her lying, all the lies,” Dennis White, 48, said. He works in retail and told me that he had voted for Obama once. But he said he was disappointed with how the Obama presidency worked out: “gas prices went up, taxes went up, we got more and more in debt.”

When I mentioned questions about Trump’s temperament, he brushed them off. “I like his temperament,” White said. And as for Trump’s controversial statements, White said, “It shows he’s not just trying to get elected.”

Some Trump voters made blunter criticisms.