Is Trump's campaign over?

One GOP state chairman who has previously said he is backing his party’s standard-bearer, says his own wife, a “staunch Republican,” is now considering the unthinkable – voting for Clinton, something he noted other women across the country are considering, especially following Friday’s audio release.

“That knocking sound you hear is that final nail entering Trump’s coffin,” the official said. “The Republican Party nominee has effectively mocked his own marriage and suggested sexual assault. It’s just so beyond indefensible, I just really don’t have any words. I don’t know how anyone can defend this.”

It’s a “smoking gun” confirming he’s a hardcore misogynist and not just a benign, politically incorrect playboy, the chairman added, echoing an increasingly commonly held opinion that the seemingly self-destructive candidate had finally destroyed himself.

“I don’t know how you recover from something like that,” said Alfonso Aguilar, the president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, who had supported Trump before abandoning him last month after the nominee gave a particularly harsh immigration speech. “But I think all Republicans must come out now and denounce him forcefully and call on him to withdraw. He cannot remain the party standard-bearer after those comments.”