Trump's ground game footprint remains small

Jeremy Baker, a field director for AFP in central Pennsylvania, estimates he has knocked on 30,000 doors with his team. “Trump has a campaign office nearby, but I don’t see them out knocking on doors,” Baker said. “I’ve never seen a door hanger, I haven’t seen people walking around.”

Even in more populous areas of the state, like southeast Pennsylvania, Trump’s ground game has been invisible.

“They’ve started to see campaign people down there,” said Beth Anne Mumford, the Pennsylvania state director for AFP, who joined the canvassers that day. “But we haven’t seen presidential anywhere.”

With roughly one month until Election Day, and with absentee or early voting already underway in some states, Trump’s campaign insists it has built out a formidable ground game, despite the Republican nominee’s earlier reluctance to invest in it.

“People will be very surprised by our ground game on Nov. 8,” Trump tweeted last month. “We have an army of volunteers and people with GREAT SPIRIT!”