“Find me someone who hasn’t cheated on their taxes”

“When you make lots of money, you write off as much as you can,” said Molly, who drove down from Fort Collins with her husband for the event and who declined to share her last name. “That’s called a good businessman.”

“He makes good business decisions, and that’s what he’s going to do for the country,” she continued. “And when things get bad, he knows how to get out of it.”

“Find me someone who hasn’t lied on their taxes,” added her husband, Zeke…

Standing in the pit before Trump’s speech, Jim Ryther, a 48-year-old truck driver in a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally t-shirt, said he was drawn to Trump because he’s “not a politician,” and that this situation was no different.

“He files his tax returns like everybody else does. He doesn’t file like a politician,” Ryther said, explaining that politicians are “careful.”