The only difference between SJWs and alt-righters is which identities they hate

So it was amusing to see Breitbart torn apart by a presidential candidate, but it would be even better if those same outlets cheering Clinton on weren’t themselves proponents of some of the very tactics she put up for criticism. Dividing people by race is what politically correct SJWs thrive on. Many can’t even evaluate an argument without invoking the race, gender, or sexuality of the person making that argument. PC activists have created a whole language to demean an argument based on the identity of the speaker. Claiming someone is “mansplaining,” “whitesplaining,” “straightsplaining,” “cissplaining” or some other kind of “-splaining” is considered sufficient for SJWs to refute an argument. When Jonathan Chait critiqued the culture of extreme political correctness on the left, writers at some of those same outlets that applauded Clinton for smacking down Breitbart’s toxic identity politics invoked Chait’s identity to attack him.

“[H]ere is sad white man Jonathan Chait’s essay about the difficulty of being a white man in the second age of ‘political correctness,’” white male Alex Pareene, who is getting ready to move over to a sports website, Pajama-Boy-splained in a post that will soon only exist at (I wish him success in his new job at Deadpsin and think that he will really enhance their coverage of the Washington Redskins name controversy.) “Many progressive critics have written off the piece as the whining of an out-of-touch white guy, and that’s certainly a fair response,” Slate’s J. Bryan Lowder wrote.

In August Autostraddle, a culture website with a GBLT-focus, even retracted a favorable review of “Sausage Party” on the grounds that the writer was white and one of the characters was played by a Latina (or “Latinx,” in SJW-ese). The accompanying editor’s note was so hilariously SJW that observers had a hard time distinguishing it from satire, making it a textbook illustration of Poe’s Law.

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