Debate prep: Can Trump score a "knockout" this fall?

The beauty of sports and politics is that you never really know how things are going to shake out. Sometimes Truman beats Dewey; sometimes Douglas beats Tyson.

That’s why Donald Trump still has a chance to turn things around — in the debates. And that’s why, despite competing for ratings against the NFL and playoff baseball, there will be plenty of drama when Trump and Hillary Clinton square off this fall.
But even here, I’m sounding like I’m the announcer of a “Monday Night Football” blowout game who is rationalizing, “It’s a long shot, but if the Redskins score a touchdown, go for a two-point conversion, and then execute an onside kick, they have a chance. …”

To be sure, we in the media have a rooting interest in keeping things close (why else would you read our columns, watch our shows, or click on our ads?), but it is a fatal conceit to assume we know how things will end.