RNC ready to reelect Reince Priebus

And a POLITICO analysis suggests he could be a lock for reelection, regardless of what happens on Nov. 8.

In interviews and email exchanges with 50 members of the Republican National Committee, dozens of the party’s leaders indicated that they wouldn’t blame Priebus for the second straight presidential defeat on his watch. Rather, they credit him with turning around a broken party apparatus, raising boatloads of cash and standing by the party’s polarizing nominee despite fierce headwinds.

“I’d walk through a wall for Reince,” said J.L. Spray, the RNC’s Nebraska committeeman, one of 32 who pledged support for Priebus’ increasingly likely reelection bid.

Priebus has begun having conversations with the 168 members of the RNC – three from every state and territory – asking whether he can count on their support should he decide to run again. He’s careful to tell them he hasn’t made up his mind yet, say several members who have spoken with him. But many of them say they emerged with the distinct impression he’s leaning toward extending his already unprecedented run with a fourth two-year term.

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