Trump has made this election all about himself. That was stupid.

Clinton should be happy that all of these stories come out and Trump doesn’t have the resources or the common sense to put her on the defensive about them in any serious or sustained way. A normal Republican would put pressure on her to answer questions from the media. A normal Republican would be flooding the airwaves in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania detailing the foreign money that influences her decisions. A normal Republican would ask why our pilots are flying on the say-so of a barely legitimate Libyan government.

And putting Clinton on the defensive would likely cause her to make mistakes. She is horrible when she’s on the spot. That’s when she antagonizes the media against her, claiming she was “dead broke” in the days after buying a mansion in Chappaqua, or joking that you wipe a server “with a cloth.” Alas, Trump’s incompetent show goes on, and Clinton is able to focus her resources micro-targeting to every progressive group out there.

Occasionally, Trump tries in his awkward way to put in an effort, such as when he said that “Obama is the founder of ISIS.” But the pattern over these news cycles is more telling. Trump is becoming known for clashing more with his party, and with his hired campaign staff more than with Clinton. For weeks, he has let his campaign be consumed by petty fighting with Paul Ryan, by his hiring decisions, even by his campaign’s decision to source its internet strategy from random racist Twitter accounts.

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