Dear Donald: Are you going to let yourself go down in history as a loser?

You’ve had a few good days lately. The polls are improving just a bit, down from the massive rejection you experienced when you chose to keep digging after picking a fight with that Gold Star guy. Is he a Hillary shill? Yeah. You think anyone outside the politics game – which you are now in, Donald, like it or not – cares? Would you have cared back when you were outside? You have a big advantage over Bubba’s Sex Scandal Janitor – you can remember what it’s like to be a (relatively) normal, nonpolitical person. Use that!

People want to be able to vote against Hillary – who truly wants to listen to America’s Ex-Wife nagging at them for the next four years? Your North Carolina speech was good, surprisingly good. When you talk to people directly and stay on point, you are solid. I was in a room full of people inclined to dislike you during your convention speech; by the end, they were cheering. That’s the Trump the media wants to bury; those hacks want the off-the-cuff, easily misrepresentable Donald. Stop giving him to them.

You got rid of Paul Manafort before his Putin footsies dragged him down. Good. You brought in Kellyanne Conway. Good. You brought in Steve Bannon. I have no idea what you were thinking.

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