Why Trump's black supporters favor him over Hillary

“It is time to wake up, African Americans — wake up,” Trump supporter Carl Nichols, who is African-American, told ABC News at the rally in Fredericksburg Saturday. “Life in Detroit, where I am from, looks like a warzone, because of the Democrats who have been there for 50 years. It’s a big mess. Let’s give the man a chance. You have tried out Obama, but it didn’t work. I told you all that, it wasn’t going to work. You had all the rest of these crazy folks, and it’s time. It’s time to see what is going to happen.”

Nichols continued, “I believe that if we give Mr. Trump a chance, I believe that things in Michigan are going to change. It is time for the African-Americans to wake up, read for yourselves, stop listening to CNN, and some of the other crazy news channels. Do research yourself. And stop listening to your buddies who are trying to keep you in bondage. I thank God for Mr. Trump, and we are going to win this thing.”

Another African-American supporter at the rally, who told ABC News her first name is Jacqueline, said of Trump’s claim that he can fix issues plaguing the black community, “I believe he can do a better job than Hillary can.”

Jacqueline added that African-Americans have been essentially conditioned to vote for Democrats. “It’s been so ingrained in us what we have been doing these past few years, and just like he said last night, it hasn’t worked. But we’re among those who are listening and want to try something new, so we are excited.”

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