"Racial realists" are cheered by Trump’s latest strategy

“I’m honestly delighted that Trump is putting a team together that has such reasonable views on immigration,” said Jason Richwine, a policy analyst who left the Heritage Foundation after a backlash to his study of race and IQ and who has appeared on Breitbart’s XM show. “This was almost impossible to imagine even just a year ago. Whatever you might think of his campaign in general, it’s clear that Trump has opened up space to talk about immigration in a way we haven’t been able to before.”

At this year’s American Renaissance conference, Trump’s success was a popular and unifying subject. Peter Brimelow, the founder of VDare.com — named for Virginia Dare, the first white person born in America — used his speech to mock the failure of the Republican establishment and ask whether white voters were ready to become the dominant political bloc.

“What the GOP needs to do is Southernize the white vote,” Brimelow said. “You need to have everybody in the country voting the way that Southern whites vote.”

Trump’s new message — the combination of immigration restriction and the appeal to black voters — was no contradiction. Last year, in a November interview with Bannon, Trump regretted the loss of a worker who took his skills back to his native India.

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