Americans are about to get the first landslide president we don’t want

Voters can change their minds quickly, but in Clinton’s case it won’t even be clear what they think in the first place. A double-digit win, a “Hillary Clinton mandate,” would mean what, exactly? What does she stand for? Her early Flower Power radicalism, best expressed by her trippy Wellesley commencement speech in which she said politics was about opening up “ecstatic and penetrating modes of living”? Her wonky moderate turn in the last six years of the (first) Clinton administration? Her support for the Iraq War and for Wall Street as senator? The sharp turn left she made this summer, after primary season, solely to secure the endorsement of Bernie Sanders? Even Hillary must go to sleep at night wondering, “Wait a sec, which me am I this time?” You can’t vote decisively for a blur.

An astonishing (but kinda not really) NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released this week has her winning the presidential race by 9 points, even though just 42 percent of voters said Clinton has the personality and temperament to serve, just 23 percent agreed that she “cares about people like you,” just 20 percent said she shared their values, and only 11 percent said she is honest and trustworthy.

Your average IRS auditor/ambulance chaser who moonlights as a used-car salesman enjoys better numbers. Unfortunately for Clinton, as of Nov. 9, she will no longer enjoy the benefit of comparison with Trump. Americans are about to get the first landslide president we didn’t want.

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