The exaggerated claims of media bias against Trump

To conflate confused press coverage of a sort that a candidate deliberately induces and could avoid by speaking more clearly with “media bias” does a disservice to actual victims of media bias. Actual victims of media bias do not contrive to be misunderstood or deliberately induce outraged coverage.

And they quickly clarify their meaning, rather than giving self-contradictory followups. Any fool could avoid much of the bad press Trump gets … if that’s what they wanted.

Had Bernie Sanders declared that Ted Cruz’s father helped kill JFK, had Jill Stein posited that Barack Obama was a founder of ISIS, had Hillary Clinton claimed to have opposed the Iraq War from the start, they would all have been criticized and fact-checked for their obviously false statements, just like Donald Trump.

The man gets unusually bad press because he does an unusual number of things that are dishonest, calculated to provoke, and upsetting to sources on the right and left.

He isn’t a victim of bias, but his own behavior.

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