So what if Malia Obama smoked pot?

Why? Because Malia Obama’s life isn’t necessarily easy for an 18 year old teenager. Yes, she’s currently part of the most well protected, most catered to, and most visible family in the world…and therein lies Malia’s problem. She doesn’t lead a normal teenage life. It’s all rules, schedules, photo-ops, and media scrutiny. I can remember when she sparked outrage because she went to a Beyonce concert, and that become a breaking story that every publication in America reported on.

If any girl needs to experience typical teenage things, it’s Malia Obama. Nearly eight years of her life have been spent under a microscope she had zeroed in on her through no fault of her own. I can’t look down on her for partaking, even if she is the President’s daughter. She’s an irregular young woman, who for a brief moment, thought she was out of the eyes of the public and could be a regular young woman for once. Despite her standing as “first daughter,” I can’t bring myself to be outraged in any way about this. In fact, I feel for her. I wish she had been able to do this, and enjoy the concert in peace.

Finally, maybe it’s because of my predilection toward libertarianism, or my being brought up around police officers who would rather deal with potheads than drunks, or that I’ve had too many friends who smoke pot and lead more successful lives than many people who don’t. Or maybe it’s because I spent too much time in Colorado…

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